The reason we can let this great 3 roomed space go for such good value is that it is used and managed by a large scale outdoor Shakespeare Theatre company as their rehearsal space and when we are not rehearsing, the space is free.   Unfortunatly most weekends and a few nights a week it is used by us for rehearsals or castings and so availibility is mostly weekday in the day and the odd weekday evening.

It is also the base for our sister organisation, 'The London Comedy Course' who teach stand up comedy in assoication with 'Up The Creek' Comedy Club in Greenwich.

Current regular users are a professional photographer,  A Belly Dance class and numerous theatre companies for casting and rehearsals.   Although the venue has full soundproof facilities and soundbox, we are unable to offer it to bands for rehearsals.  We can however allow it to be used to record spoken word.

The rates per day are £45 for 10am - 4pm   and evenings £30  from 6pm - 9pm

To make it clear - this is NOT per hour but for the whole session.

Also the casting director of the outdoor Shakespeare is always in attendance so you may be lucky while rehearsing a theatre play to be spotted and be asked to cast for us.

The venue has a shower, microwave, kettle, CD player with Ipd connector, 50 chairs, mic stands and mics.

The rehearsal room has a wooden floor and full lenght mirror to one wall

Snacks and soft drinks can be bought from the bar area.

A 72 inch Video Production screen and full stage lighting can be added at additional cost if required.